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A Warning Voice, new story from the book


As there's been lots of requests asking for the other stories from the Mystery Tales 40 comic book seen on Lost, we'll be uploading them one at a time.

Here's the second one from the book, called A Warning Voice. Enjoy!

A Warning Voice (page 1) scan from Mystery Tales 40 A Warning Voice (page 2) scan from Mystery Tales 40

A Warning Voice (page 3) scan from Mystery Tales 40 A Warning Voice (page 4) scan from Mystery Tales 40


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Comments A Warning Voice, new story from the book

thank you guys for the second story, is very nice and cute, but i can`t find any relationship between this story and lost as i found  in The Hidden Land. Do you find any similarity in this story?
marta marta 28/05/2008 at 23:25
LOST Similarities:
A military Desmond
An Oceanic 815
A the Kahana. the whispers.
Thanks for the new story! So, is there a story w/ that guy on the cover of the comic book? If so, that is the one I'd really like to see. Can you even post the old advertisements in the comic book? Looking forward to more scans. :-)
LostNFound LostNFound 29/05/2008 at 03:13
Someone needs a quick.
-- J
ALLinHurleysHead 29/05/2008 at 03:23
About god-danmed time!
Anónimo 29/05/2008 at 03:49
hey guys! I was trying to achieve the song of the story, i hove found the lyrics,  it's a little bit different, that's why i have had ploblems to find it, the name of the song is "Lookout for Jimmy Valentine" and it's a Gus Edwars' song
"Look out, look out, Look out for Jimmy Valentine
For he’s a pal of mine, A sentimental crook
With a touch that lingers
In his sandpapered fingers
He can find the combination of your pocketbook.
Look out, look out, For when you see his lantern shine
That’s the time to jump right up and shout
Help! He’d steal a horse and cart,
He’d even steal a girlie’s heart
When Jimmy Valentine gets out."

marta marta 29/05/2008 at 10:36
[...]r Stories from FABULON A Warning Voice, new story from the book from The Mystery Tales #40 Lost blog Real dogs teased with toy dog from Boing Boing[...]
Course correction, or something not allowing you to die, like the island making sure certain people can't die.
1Miletogo 1Miletogo 29/05/2008 at 23:20
I think that the comics has nothing to do with the show. It is like the Walt´s comic, its only a tiny reference maybe, but nothing that deserves a more deep search.
Martin Martin 01/06/2008 at 19:20
desmond was Charlie's Warning voice?  ..hmmm... Although I was waiting for the guy to die in the comic though...hahaha!!!
BigB BigB 19/06/2008 at 18:57
what about the record-player? there have been numerous references to that - season 2 started with it, later hurley listened to it, then they had 2 different shots where juliet was playing the records.
Anónimo 19/06/2008 at 21:17
h 983 j219 anyone have any info?
tink tink 14/08/2008 at 05:31

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