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Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 4


Scan of the Mystery Tales 40 comic from Lost - Page 4A couple of days later than we announced (sorry about that again), here's the fourth page of the comic book, the last one of the Hidden Land story. At last we can share this with you and talk about the similarities with the show. I know it's not much but it's doing this to have our minds busy or getting crazy waiting for the season finale.

By the way, if you've not read the previous page be sure you read them first. Then, read today's page (on the right) before going on with this post, as we'll talk about some things to highlight:

  • Fred, the story's main character, is wrapped in the kind of black smoke we saw on the third page, and as a result of that he's teleported to the Tibet, presumably in another point in time than the story until now.
  • Looks like the dark and shadowy people that chased him are from an ancient civilization who created (or previously owned) the ring.
  • The leader of this civilization tells Fred the ring has amazing powers than allowed his boss to achieve an outstanding financial success, despite its lack of happiness (like the numbers, maybe?).
  • The ring has to go back to its owners, as they plan to give it to man kind at some point in the future, when men are pure at heart, so they can benefit from its powers.

The ending of the story arises some questions:

  • Did the Lost creators based somehow the island's ancient civilization (remember the foot statue) on the one from the comic?
  • Has some kind of relationship the appearance of the Tibet in the comic with the several mentions of Buddhism in Lost (Richard Alpert ritual with young Locke or the final word of the Dharma Initiative videos)?
  • Is Jack chaotic and unhappy future an effect of leaving the island with something that doesn't belong to him (Aaron)?

I guess we'll have to wait and see for the season finale this Thursday to get answers to some of these questions. I don't know about you but I'm running out of nails!

UPDATE: Versión en español del cómic Mystery Tales 40 de Lost.


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Comments Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 4

thank you guys!
marta marta 26/05/2008 at 12:05
Thanks again guys...looking forward to the rest of the book too.
-- J
ALLinHurleysHead 26/05/2008 at 16:37
First of all, thank you for posting the scans so far!  It's been very entertaining to see them!

Second, you can tell this comic is from the '50's with it's "It's A Wonderful Life" feel at the end, LOL

Third,  I am wondering if the ring isn't supposed to signify some aspect about the Orchid and symbolize what would happen if Widmore got his hands on it and exploited the island.  I agree that the peoples in the comic represented Alpert and the natives of the island.  I also think that the main character in the comic represents John  Locke in that he will respect the power that the Orchid weilds and will leave it well enough alone.

And lastly, both this comic and Lost resemble the tale of Faustus.  The boss in the comic and Widmore have given up who they are inside to trade it for wealth and power, not realizing the consequences.  Since we haven't seen Alvar Hanso in Lost, only mentions of him in The Lost Experience, it could also apply to him. 
Nancy Drew Nancy Drew 26/05/2008 at 17:10

One thing I just realized is that "The Hidden Land" wasn't about the picture on the front of the comic.......the one with two cities......

What story is that from?  Is it from one in the comic?
Nancy Drew Nancy Drew 26/05/2008 at 17:14
Hey people!!! We can already say that: "The season finale is this week" :-D I wish I were in the States to watch it on Thursday but I have to wait until Friday morning, damn! :-S
marta marta 26/05/2008 at 18:58
I was thinking the same thing as a previous comment. The frightened guy in the cover is not the one from "Hidden land" story. Is he in some other story?
You guys are awesome...
Who are you, pleople? ;)
newuser newuser 26/05/2008 at 21:24
Thanks again!  It's hard not to notice the parallel between the guy giving up the ring that could give him money at too great a personal price, with Hugo (Hurley) renouncing his "cursed" lottery winnings.
Larry 26/05/2008 at 23:16
"Has some kind of relationship the appearance of the Tibet in the comic with the several mentions of Buddhism in Lost (Richard Alpert ritual with young Locke or the final word of the Dharma Initiative videos)?"
When i read this question i remembered that once i looked DHARMA up in the wikipedia , and i discovered something interesting:
"DHARMA is an Indian spiritual or religious term, that means one's righteous duty, or any virtuous path in the common sense of the term. Throughout Indian philosophy, dharma
is present as a central concept, that is used in order to explain the "higher truth" or ultimate reality of the universe.

The word 'dharma' literally translates as 'that which upholds or supports' , and is generally translated into English as 'law' . The various Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jain dharma, Sikhism etc.) have all accorded a central focus to Dharma and advocate its practice.Each of these religions emphasize Dharma as the correct understanding of Nature (or  God, as the origin of nature) in their teachings."

For more information:                                                                                                          
Well, i think  is obvious that LOST has a big relation with buddhism and indian religions. But...what is the relationship between lost, the island, the dharma term, the story of the comic, the discontinuity of space- time (i don`t know if in English you say that),the dharma iniciative, the strange things that happen in the island???? i think that this question is not going to have answer until 2010...and it drives me crazy!! :-S
marta marta 27/05/2008 at 11:45
First of all, thanks for sharing.  This comic book story has put the Lost "experience" in context for me.
I am a fan of Lost but not a fan of wanting all questions answered. I'm not waiting for answers to all that makes up Lost and I'm not expecting a huge pay-off where "all is answered." I think part of the enjoyment of Lost is that the answers aren't spelled out readily.  Kind of like life.  Kind of like this comic story. There is mystery, yet answers remain and will remain, long after we die.  Life is in the journey, not the destination. It is the thinking about it, and the questioning that is life.
But the moral of this story (and of Lost) is that sometimes we must let go. Sometimes, like Hurley, who gave up his millions, it is about giving permission to yourself to be free from an overresponsibe sense of obligation, duty, or requirement to make everything perfect in your life or the lives of others. Sometimes, like Locke, it is about finding your destiny. Sometimes, like Jack and Kate, it is about finding love. Thus, all the backstories.
We all on this planet are lost. Think about it. We live on this planet, this island moving through space and time. Sound familiar?
It's about questions and finding the answers yourself. Not having them handed to you. The more you learn, the mor eyou know, and the more you become aware of the unknown.
So those looking for answers in a comic book.....okay.... why not? But you may first want to start looking around you. Life is much more mysterious than a tv show, even a great one called "Lost."
Bob G Bob G 28/05/2008 at 01:57
marta, muchas gracias! We really appreciate your comments and your involvement with our "mission" here, which is to extract the most juice out of this comic as far as Lost is concerned. Thanks a lot.
Bob G, I think you're right in that part of the appeal of Lost is in that mystery that probably won't ever be unveiled  (I hope so), but I'm afraid that would be an unpopular decision for a lot of fans, so let's see what the Lost crew has prepared for us.
[...]ef="">Punch in Canada Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 4 from The Mystery Tales #40 Lost blog Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 3 from The Mystery Tales #40 Lo[...]
A monkey could scan faster than these guys
Anónimo 29/05/2008 at 03:52
Timmy, our trained mokey, is not feeling well, please be patient
And don't complain about free stuff ;)
You're right, I'm not feeling well at all, specially about my working conditions. For only four bananas per day, I won't scan faster.
trained monkey 29/05/2008 at 19:20
Thankyou very much for posting this guys :):) You rock. Take as much time to post as you need, I'm just grateful to be able to read it!!

Lots of parallels in all of these stories. All 3 so far seem to have the very 50's conservative theme that you should be happy with the traditional family life and not go for more -  don't be greedy and focus on your career. The scientist who wants to focus on his time machine instead of on his wife, the guy who gets unlimited power only to realise his traditional life is okay, the returned soldier who is guided by an almost supernatural link back to his family. Not sure if that's a theme we've seen on Lost. Michael's desire to preserve his family above all else drove him to evil, and all of the family relationships between father and sons are portrayed in unhealthy ways.

Nonetheless there are lots of parallels in other areas that have been mentioned in other posts.  I like that Tibetan idea that the special power represented by the ring or the island should only be available to certain people who are pure of heart. Notice how the island has a way of changing people and killing people off who are no going to change. Maybe its trying to change them, make them worthy of its powers!

Steven Luce Steven Luce 01/06/2008 at 22:49
[...]c book released in 1956 as seen in the episode "Cabin Fever". So far many of coincidences from the last episodes have been found. Fever - Lostpedia"Cabin Fever" is the eleventh episode of Season 4 of Lost, and originally aired on May 8, 2008. Locke, Hurley, and Ben trek through the jungle in search of ... to the Cab[...]
I do agree that LOST is about answering one question and asking another 10 for each answer that's what makes it a mystery series. I don't think there is ANY other TV series where cliffhangers are so tense, where the audience needs to know so desperately what happens next (and this happens on a regular basis).

Anyway, what will happen next? Again, LOST is the only series where the audience actually has absolutely no clue of what will happen. Just one think I would like to remember: The LOST creators once said "Adam and Eve" (you remember, those two bodies, one with a black stone on it the other one with a white one) will be the most crucial part of the show, they put that part into the show so that they could say:  There you go, we planned for this from the very beginning!
Well, so what happens? I think Adam and Eve are not just anybody, put people we know from the show (Jack and Kate?). How come they are dead bodies? I think the Island will move back in time, or even more interesting: Maybe the island had moved in time before the crash already. Maybe everything we saw, all of the show, is actually the second time everything happens (not exactly the same way). Maybe some people were teleportet back in time in order to change the "future"
. Why didn't we see Jacob yet ? Is Locke possibly Jacob? Is that the reason he couldn't be there himself, because Locke would have been rather startled to see himself standing there? However, not so sure aboud that Jacob-thing, but I could imagine that the time travelling is quite important, like in "the time Travallers", travelling in time to experience everything in the past and maybe even to change the future. Possibly the island has not moved in time yet (Lock came back) but maybe it still is going to be moved in time, with Locke becoming a ghost and maybe then somehow transforming to Jacob.

By the way: Why is there a "list" that only Jacob has' What people are on the list? Maybe the ones who died the "first time" and need to be rescued?
Lostie81 Lostie81 23/06/2008 at 23:08

I dont want to urinate on any ones parade here, but doesnt this seem more Lord of the Rings than lost? I think you guys are reading far too much into it, for one i didnt see any black smoke, how you can compare locke or ben or Charles to any of the characters i dont know.

Obviously this sight is lost related but I think your all clutching at straws.

The March 32 days - Obviously relevant to the time travel the orchid provides in the last epi. Other than that........How do you come up with these crazy comparisons?
BigSugaD BigSugaD 27/06/2008 at 16:11

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