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Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 2


Scan of the Mystery Tales 40 comic from Lost - Page 2Here's the second page of "The Hidden Land" story from the Mystery Tales 40 comic book seen on Lost 4x11 Cabin Fever.

After reading it we have more interesting facts:

  • It's made more obvious that Mr.Castin (Fred's boss) has a completely unhappy life full of miseries despite of his fortune.
  • Mr. Castin began the rising of his empire, after being LOST in Tibet, while he was working as a photographer for a Museum.
  • Fred find out such an odd ring in Mr.Castin's office.

What kind of power this ring provides? What happened to Mr.Castin while he was LOST in Tibet? Will some ring appear on the last season? Is the ring a metaphore?

Since one page per day its not enough for you, lost-junkies, we are going to post also the 3rd page today.

Follow us on twitter to know when the 3rd page is posted, stay tuned!

Edited: Mystery Tales 40 page3


Versión en español del comic Mystery Tales 40 de Lost


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Comments Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 2

To be continued...

ha ha ha..
B. Astard B. Astard 23/05/2008 at 12:07
¿Do yo really need to watermark all the pages? Come on, we already know you scanned it, you wont get a statue or a place in history books for this, please, remove it and let us enjoy it.
BTW, a bit of scan post processing would be desirable, you can make it look way better with some clicks in photoshop, just google a bit.
Bye! and thanks for the comic.
Txus Txus 23/05/2008 at 12:45

We'd like to remind you that is a 1956 comic book, this scans are already been photoshopped and optimized (you should see the original TIFF files!)
We have set also the best levels, color curves, bright, contrast  and so...
Don't worry about the watermark, once the whole history has been published, we are going to release a "watermark free" version.
Is it me, or are some people having problems being happy about getting a glimpse of a comic book that they would have otherwise never laid eyes on?  Come on, people!  Would it kill you to say Thank You? 

Thanks guys for providing this AWSOME information for us!!  I have never had the priviledge of viewing such an aged comic, so this is very cool to me.

Thank you!!
Nancy Drew Nancy Drew 23/05/2008 at 23:04
Yes, thanks guys, but can we keep the pace up a bit? What happens to your site if a character flips through the comic in next weeks episode (i know...doubtful, but still).
thanks guys,
-- J
ALLinHurleysHead 23/05/2008 at 23:54
Thank you for sharing..
much appreciated
I like that you release one page at a time
it helps fix my needs during this two weeks hiatus
B. Astard 24/05/2008 at 02:08
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