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Mystery Tales in The Mystery Tales #40 Lost blog


Got it! We won the auction, it's all ours!

The auction is over; 5 minutes of stress and 417$ later we can proudly say that, finally, we are the winners of the Mystery Tales 40 comic book that appeared on Lost 4x11.

YES! We are the winners of the bid!

We just made the payment, here you can see the invoice:

Now we just have to wait until it arrives: the waiting is the hardest part.

Stay tunned for more Mystery Tales 40 info, the...


Found it! eBay was the key

When we were about to give up the search, we found it! It was easier than it looked, it was being auctioned at eBay. Funnily enough, it was there before the 4x11 Lost episode was aired.

Now the thing is... the auction for the Mystery Tales 40 finishes on May 16th, we don't know if we're going to be able to win the item, because now the price is about $130 but, it will definitely raise as the...


An impossible mission

We have been trying to find the comic, but it seems that it's going to be a tough task. It's not a popular comic, so there aren't many copies of it, being a late 50's publication. We haven't found it in any comic store or websitet (scanned). However, we are not going to give up in our search, and will keep on digging up the internet to find it. We are pretty sure that the Mystery Tales 40...


The Hidden (is)Land?

As we could see in the Lost episode 4x11: Cabin Fever, a young John Locke was challenged by an almost inmortal Richard Alpert,to choose some items that already belonged to him.

There are several theories about it: Buddhist rituals, resurrection...

It's a fact that one of the most perturbing items was a 1956 Atlas Mystery Tales #40 comic, in which cover appeared a man completely freaked out...