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!About the blog

This is the blog of some Lost-obssesed friends trying to know more about that intriguing comic book that Richard Alpert showed to a young John Locke in Lost's 4x11 episode. It's the 40th issue of the Mystery Tales collection, from 1956, and the cover shows so many similarities with Lost's story's possible future for us to think it may contain key details on the show's plot.

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Octagon Global Recruiting and its relationship with the Mystery Tales 40 comic book

Some of our readers pointed us to a new -OK, new to us- sneak peek of the new ARG that the TV network ABC's got prepared for us to make less painful the wait until season 5. As fans of Lost as we are, we love any little thing the Lost marketing team makes for the show, but this time it really caught our attention. Seems like this time they created a website for Octagon Global Recruiting,...



Lost season finale in DHARMA

First of all, we'd like to apologize for the delay with the scans, we are going to upload them ASAP.

Last Friday, we went to a very special place to view the Lost season finale:

It's a bar placed in Barcelona called: "Bharma", it was crowded of losties, and we have such a great time!

Yes, that can is a "Dharma energy drink", Ben's favourite drink!!


Crossroads of Destiny, the third story from the Mystery Tales comic book

Here's for all of you the third story from the Mystery Tales #40 comic book seen on Lost, called Crossroads of Destiny.Enjoy!

Did you realize that this story cames with a scientist that is working in a time-travel-machine (Faraday) ,time-travelling (Desmond), and an impossible love story (Desmond and Penny)...nice,right?


Download Crossroads of Destiny from...


A Warning Voice, new story from the book

As there's been lots of requests asking for the other stories from the Mystery Tales 40 comic book seen on Lost, we'll be uploading them one at a time.

Here's the second one from the book, called A Warning Voice. Enjoy!


Download Warning Voice from Rapidshare

Download Warning Voice from MegaUpload


Scans of Mystery Tales 40 comic as seen on Lost - Page 4

A couple of days later than we announced (sorry about that again), here's the fourth page of the comic book, the last one of the Hidden Land story. At last we can share this with you and talk about the similarities with the show. I know it's not much but it's doing this to have our minds busy or getting crazy waiting for the season finale.

By the way, if you've not read the previous page be...